The Begining…

<-  I try to always believe that…and sometimes it true…

It all started with a post on Facebook…..

Anyone interested in two very nice sound and sane OTTB’s? One is very sweet refined bay 3yr old filly with impeccable breeding. One is 4yr old Dark Steel Grey gelding with lazyish warmblood personality. These horses must move ASAP or will head to Los Alamitos track (which is not a good place to be). Message me for more details. I can help with retraining! Cheap, sound and sane!!

I was interested in the grey. He sounded cool and if I sponsored him he might turn into a nice horse. So  after getting the SO’s ok….I responded…

He was sold before I could “make up my mind” haha


There was another horse in the barn….. His name is Dancer and he needs a home by the end of May.
Super sane, quiet, 60 days training, do I want to come meet him?

What could meeting him hurt, right?

 Cute face right? But boring bay is not what I wanted….
I mean completely bay….not even a speck of white….
But a great mind, athletic and just a super sweet guy…..
So I took a ride. 
Such a great guy. Five years old and already taking care of me! (which is a big deal to me)
and I went home to think about it….


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