Destructo Pony!

 <-This PONY!

So Tuesday night I show up at the barn and the barn manager searches me out to tell me this sad tale of how Dancer destroyed his blanket and it was in a ball in the corner of his stall when she found him in the morning….

 The evidence…..He tore off the whole front strap and then shimmied out of it. 
Maybe D stands for ding dong.
So I said fine. I’ll throw his medium on him. No big deal I can order him another lite blanket….
 The next day….Same thing with the new blanket!!!
Ay yi yi….
So I ordered him Smartpaks Ultimate Turnout Blanket 
(and he gets to be cold till it arrives, good thing we live in CA!)
(Their photo not mine)
It has a 10 year warranty. If he destroys it, they send me a new one!
Sounds good to me.
So that I don’t have a horse that looks like this everytime I come to to barn!!!!!
Well and so he doesn’t get cold of course 🙂
I made him these cookies but I think he should be giving me the one on the bottom!!!!

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