Lessons from a Pony

This guy……
He’s teaching me more than just riding……

I bought him because he was a dream of mine and because he’s an amazing  horse. The stumbling blocks don’t matter.  10 hour days at work, growing pains and lost shoes….We will get there. Wherever there is….

Dream BIG! Have little goals so to so you can keep reaching “milestones” but have a “BIG DREAM”
(Ours is a T3 Day at Rebbecca Farm, Galway or Inavale)
Surround yourself with good people! Ignore the haters and just stay focused on that goal and keep listening to the good people!
True for everything in life, not just ponies but ponies really drive it home. If you don’t go after it and work for it, it won’t happen. You are just going to be stuck if you don’t go after what you want!

 Stop thinking that he’s going to stop at the fence. Believe he’s going to jump it like the awesome guy he is. Put your leg on and things will go right.
Not everyone is going to be rooting for you. Some are even going to be rooting against you. Forget them and surround yourself with the good people from #2.  And eventually you will do this.
 That’s all you can do when you are riding ponies. Some nights you show up for a lesson and he’s pulled a shoe. But that same night your amazing farrier might agree to come out and put it back on the next morning so you can still go cross country schooling on Sunday.

Love this guy!

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