Camp 2015

 The last weekend in March Dancer and I attended “Adult Camp”. It’s three days of riding that just for the adults at the barn. We had a fantastic time.
Friday we started with dressage. I don’t have any photos but he was a really good boy. Our goal was “don’t jump out of the ring” and I think we did that and more. It was a great experience for both of us. 
We also did show jumping that day and since jumping is what he loves, we rocked it. (and of course jumped everything much bigger than needed!)
Saturday was cross country and pace. 
 I swear the wall is much shorter he just felt he needed to jump at the “standards” height… goofball
Of course Remmy came and supervised from camp….. and shared everyone’s food!
 Maybe we should just move up to training level?

The “pace” portion was really fun too! We were supposed to gallop at the pace we would be riding out cross country course in a show. Galloping a race horse (or ex race horse) is soooooo fun!
And of course Dancer tried to make friends with the Roiny Pony!
Sunday morning we woke up and it was absolutely beautiful…..Gotta love the Remmy in the middle
We did a mock 1 day event. And of course the cool ponies had sparkles on their butts!
 No photos of dressage again but I actually rode the novice test because the silly pony had memorized the beginner novice test the first day. We did awesome I thought! Show jumping was good too…….

 And cross country was awesome of course…..

I love my sparkle-butted pony!!!!

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