Baby Horse Goes to his first event- Cross Country Day!

So the night before cross country we were walking the course and it was beautiful….
It even rained a little
  It was blazing hot the next day…… and of course my ride time was 2:00 in the 100 degree heat.
I don’t know who this horse it but this is the water complex and you can see the dragon in the background….
I had major nerves again cross country day. Not so much about the jump but about being able to finish the whole course. Poor Alana was dealing with another rider that was having medical issues and me but Alana told me I only had to jump the first three and then I could quit if I want to. It got me in the start box and I guess she somehow knows me well enough to know I am way to stubborn to quit something I’ve started.
 So we jumped and I’d like to say we galloped but in reality we trotted a lot…..
 We even made it over the cabin (Thank you Dancer) the jump that scared me the most!
(as you can see, I’m saying I’m scared and he’s saying no Mom we jump these)

 We had two stops at the trakener but my team cheered us on and we made it over the third time… and then over the dragon….

And of course through our nemisis the water……
We have a lot to work on and I need to get A LOT fitter……But it will come!

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