Prove Them Wrong….

So after we came home from the show I went into a bit of a funk….I knew my fitness was holding us back but I also felt (from some of the comments I got) that people thought we were going no where fast and I was lucky I was riding Dancer because there was no way I could ride another horse. 
I don’t think thats true… He took care of me but I also took care of him… We are team….
So I sat in my funk for a week and a half (did a lot of the above) and then decided I needed to do the last part and I needed to be a better teammate
So I signed up for this thing called the Athletic Rider. Basically you use BeachBody products to strengthen yourself for riding. So far I’m pretty pleased….

 We will prove them ALL wrong!

Also Dancer’s back has been sore….So I think I need to build up his butt. Since there are NO HILLS near my barn, pole work is where its at… So I sent my husband a link on how to build cavalettis…..And he BUILT them! Major husband points!

 I know traditional is white but who likes traditional?
Soon we will both be super fit and galloping into the sunset….Hopefully!

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