LOL, Wait a Sec

Remember this photo? The scariest but best day of my life. 
When I thought I had finally figured it out and was chasing my dreams…..
 Yah that… Why does that always happen?

Dancer fell, being stupid on the lunge line and is very sore his SI still a week later….

(He of course did this the day after the chiropractor was here)
So he got some bute…
And a jolly ball to keep him entertained for what is hopefully just two weeks while we wait for the chiropractor to come back out…
In some ways it is showing me just how much I truly love this guy…
 But stall rest sucks…
 And patience is not something I am good at. In fact I’m having “what if” melt downs almost daily…..
One Day at a time…

 I love this horse…


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