Not Standing Still

So I had to remind myself of this after watching the horses at Camelot.  Dancer and I may be going slowly but its OK. We are allowed to still be going Elementary. He is a baby horse (even if he’s so good no one remembers that) and I’m still building confidence. 
 Look a 3 ft crossrail
I had a great lesson on Tuesday. We started off a little rocky with a horse not in front of my leg. But once we started jumping we rocked it. We had one really amazing course that felt soo awesome! I wish I would have gotten a video. Our last course had a little bit of a distraction. One of the horses that is at our barn because of the fires decided he needs to run past the fence and jump and spin in the air….I was actually pretty happy that, while it may not have looked awesome, Dancer and I got it done and made it around the course
I think we cleared it…
Tomorrow we are going cross country schooling at Fresno County Horse Park. I’ve never been there so it should be fun.  I’m hoping to jump all of the intro course and some of the beginner novice….
Unfortunately I don’t think anyone will be there to photograph 😦
 I just have to remember that!
We are hopefully (if all goes well) going to the event in November! WooHOOO!

 I love this horse so much!

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