Problem Child

So Dancer has been having what seem like one problem after another….. SIGH….
 First there was the nasty cut…..right where the bridle goes of course!!!
 Yeah good way to get out of work dude….
 Once it turned into this and I could ride….
his back shoe became loose…….
Which turned into this when the farrier came out…..apparently the white line was there in a pocket and she dug it out… BIG TIME…and I get to squirt cool green stuff in it….
Later that week I still felt he wasn’t right under saddle….His butt was all wiggly when I was riding him and he was bucking and just being…not Dancer. SO I asked my trainer to ride him.
She agreed….SIGH
SO he gets to see the vet on Tuesday….  More to come on that….
Until then I’m keeping him entertained with carrots on stall rest!
 Since I have time on my hands….Saturday is Halloween….Which costume do you think is best????
Cross your fingers that the vet finds nothing!!!!

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