The “S” Word

I’ve learned with horses that the “plot twist” angle is the way to go…..plot twist

Otherwise you just cry……

twitchDancer getting his foot blocked and having something to say about it

Today Dancer had his vet check for his NQR -ness…

He was definitely NQR for the vet. She flexed him a whole bunch of different ways and decided it was the suspensory ligament right below the hock….Awesome! His foot is also a little sore from the white line being dug out so we blocked that to make sure it wasn’t the whole problem. For sure part of the problem but definitely not the WHOLE thing.


Yes….that is what everyone is telling me. Suspensory injuries….while sucky are not career ending. (generally) Just lots of rest and rehab. And Dancer proved last winter JUST how much he loves being locked in his stall….. (yes by almost killing the barn manager when she was finally able to turn him out…)



This is true… My trainer has already told me she’s going to keep me riding (and showing if I want) Probably on this guy!


That’s Newman….He’s a closeted dressage horse but he can probably teach me a ton. And it might not be a bad idea to take him or Quincy to a show for experience for ME so I can be more helpful to Dancer when he can start doing stuff again….Yes… see I’m embracing this whole focus on the good thing!

good things   Nothing is obviously as good as riding your own horse. And I’ve waited a long time for that. But I can make the best of it. And maybe….just maybe when we get the ultrasound next Friday (Nov 13th) they will find its just a baby tear and we will be back in action sooner…rather than later….

LOL, Wait a Sec

Until then….handwalking……


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