Pony Grief- The 5 Stages

They say their are 5 stages of grief when you lose something. I don’t believe this applies just to a loss of a companion, human or otherwise. I think we go through it whenever we lose anything we hold close to our hearts.

never understand

For example…. I realized the other day after Dancer’s initial diagnosis and all the possible outcomes my horrible brain could come up with, I went through all the stages, trying desperately to protect that dream I’ve had for 20+ years….

Denial – “He’s not that hurt. Sure we blocked his foot and he was still lame but I’m sure that’s most of it and I just have to wait until it grow a little and he will be good as new. All ready to move up to beginner novice next year!”

Anger- Why the HELL did this happen? We were only lunging. It’s not like we were jumping Prelim? This is so unfair. Why is her horse sound. She doesn’t even take care of him well (yes I went there…anger you know) Everything sucks (I spent a lot of time here)

Bargaining- I promise to never lunge him again. IF he just comes back sound we only have to jump beginner novice. I’ll do ANYTHING if he can just get better!

Depression- All my animals are broken. He’s never going to come back 100%. This is all my fault. If he had a better rider he wouldn’t have been on the lunge line and he wouldn’t be hurt. I’m gonna go drink now.

Acceptance- This one came oddly enough shopping at Costco. Don’t ask me why…..I’m just a weirdo…. I saw this guy…..

I named him Rupert and he is now Rupert the Rehab Elephant. Suddenly everything was ok….I know. I’m weird. (But hey the SO was glad it was a stuffed elephant and not diamond earrings!)

small rupert

Rupert earned himself some small friends that are coming in the mail because he’s a bit large to take out of the car at the barn ( I try to keep my weirdness somewhat to myself!)  So those two will need names when they get here. Any ideas would be helpful.

I found a warm jacket to combat El Nino that is on its way and I’m mentally set to Rehab the crap out of this winter….


And we are going to take selfies to keep everyone entertained…..

And I have a friend who wants to help me think of tricks I can teach with a clicker….

Keeping the big R as fun as possible right?


One thought on “Pony Grief- The 5 Stages

  1. I’m with you on the anger one. Why do my horses have issues even with the best care and these other people at my barn don’t do anything and rarely ride but don’t have issues and manage to win at shows. Argh!


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