The Haikus of Rehab

So  Nicole created a blog hop of equestrian haikus…..I thought I’d give it a go. Considering the pony removed my major time suck….. So here is my first attempt at a blog hop. The Haikus of Rehab!


Handwalking is no fun

Suspensory injury

Brr it’s cold out here

gallop 2 copy

I want to gallop

Rehab is a bummer-er

ACE is my best friend

LOL, Wait a Sec

This is so unfun

Stall rest makes me a crazy man

How to entertain?

Happy 6th Birthday

I’ll become party man

Clicker training, toys galore

Some would say SPOILED PONY

X-Country Schooling.....Sorta

Looking to the future

I’m sure that I will get better

Cross your fingers PLEASE!

Our ultrasound is Friday. Think good thoughts!


One thought on “The Haikus of Rehab

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