Rainbows and Ultrasounds


Dancer had his ultrasound on Friday….

and I’m trying desperately to see the rainbow…

sleepy pony

He’s not a lightweight but eventually we knocked him out….


And we our awesome vet did the ultrasound…

small rupert

Turns out Waldo the elephant (I named the little elephant Waldo because it means “strong, fighter”) is good luck. D only has a small partially healed hole and a small bone fragment. It’s the BEST news I could have gotten.  Not a big tear but there something so it’s not a mystery lameness….I’ll take it… (rainbow?)if I have to take a broken pony at all, Right?


Two and a half months of progressive hand walking (adding 5 min every two weeks) and then another ultrasound. Then trotting hopefully….

gallop 2 copyWe will be back to galloping in no time!

(as long as we can keep ourselves under control for the short term)


Who really wants to ride in the freezing cold winter anyway?

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