The Plan….


So yeah….I’ve been doing a TON of research about Dancer’s injury. I’ve found a ton of stuff on the internet about the stuff I’m going to do and I ran it by the vet and she basically said if I had the time it would be great.

Here is my plan I came up with….


Per the vet Dancer gets to go on a progressively longer walk every two weeks. We started on Nov 13th with with 10 min.

(We get to move up to 15 next Friday….woooohooo!)


After his walk he is going to spend 20 min in Ice Vibe boots. I ordered them last night with rush shipping at the barn’s party at Brenda’s. Hopefully they get here soon!

I plan on using them every time he jumps or has a hard workout from here on out. Not gonna do this rehabby thing again!


He’s then going to wear Back On Track boots every night. I opted for the quick wraps since its going to be an every night thing and my WONDERFUL Barn Manager is going to pull them in the morning. He’s going to wear them 5 day on and 2 days off.

He started the acclimation period tonight. Two hours tonight, four tomorrow and then he can start wearing them all night!


As far as what he’s eating I’ve doubled his Quiessence to help keep him sane. It seems to be working well. I’m also putting him on Smartflex Rehab. It’s supposed to support the healthy soft tissue recovery.

Can’t hurt right?


And of course lots of carrots….cause he deserves them!

Everything I’m doing only has anecdotal evidence proving its worth. But if I’m going to be at the barn every night I might at well try…Right?


And to keep me busy, next week I get to ride this guy a few days. His name is Jackson and he’s competing preliminary level with his owner.But we are just gonna hack around and have fun to help keep him fit!

So that’s it. That is our plan! Hopefully it works!

Broken ponies are more expensive than non broken ones!


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