In a short year and a half….

up bank

So I was feeling a little down the other day with my hand walking regime…… Soooo I decided I needed to remind myself of all the amazing things that Dancer and I have accomplished together in our short year and a half together…..

june 11-2

When I first got him he looked like this….

(He looks sooooo much better now!!)

free jump

Free jumping 3’9″….. Pretty good for a horse only off the track a few months!

log dream

Jumping ANYTHING I pointed him at!


Cross country schooling for the first time….Yeah we may have cleared that log by a little bit…:-)


Galloping through the water for the first time after it was                  SO HARD to get our toes wet!

sparkle butt

Our first time going to pony camp! (and getting lots of sparkles on his butt)

grass thief

Fun winter turnout days- stealing grass (and maybe parts of jumps)

cabinReminding me just how brave he is at our VERY FIRST SHOW when he jumped the cabin that I was afraid of and he said

“Nah Mom, I got this!

ribbonAnd earning TWO ribbons at our very first show!


And of course snorting the moon! 🙂

one day at a time

I will keep remembering this and enjoy my hand walking…..


He’s being such a good boy! How could I not???

Thanks Nicole at Zen Baby Horse for taking some of these photos! It’s so nice to have another person at the barn taking photos!! I finally have pony pictures!


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