Nobody Cares

stall rest

So I’m getting particularly tired of seeing this sign every time I enter the barn….”Stall Rest”, my daily reminder that he is broken. That we go for a baby walk every day and celebrate when we get to add five more minutes. I feel like a whiney baby…..but this really sucks. Not that we are walking, but the unknown and the worry. I have a really supportive barn and everyone is always concerned about me and about how he’s doing but sometimes it just feels so freaking lonely….Circling the indoor and hoping for the best….

And I know some of you are thinking….Kid you aren’t the only person in the world to have ever rehabbed a horse…

Get over yourself!


And to you I say…


Because he is my first horse and a the product of a lifetime of wishing and dreaming and I will be as pathetic and/or positive as I want…its my blog!

And for your information this whole sad panda attitude started yesterday when I finally developed the “kite pony” everyone was telling me about. Yep Dancer managed to have all four hooves off the ground four separate times in our 15 minute walk. Awesome 😦


So I talked to BM and we decided it was time to break out this bottle. He was miserable with the lip chain and his brain is gone…. Neither of us needs to get hurt. (And she managed to make me unfeel like the miserable person I was feeling like for causing my horse to lose his mind and need drugs)


D might have been a little drunk after it kicked in. BM says we will give him a little less next time. Interesting because normally he is the opposite of a lightweight (a heavyweight?) on most sedatives.


But he was a perfect gentleman on our walk. And still awake enough to beg for his daily carrots of course….Love that nose!!

grass thief

This guy will be back soon enough…The brain is still in there I’m sure of it….Until then the little bottle will be our friend…..

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