Kite Pony

horse funny
I’m pretty sure this is true

Hand walking has been going ok. Most days it only take 1cc of ace to take the edge off and life is uneventful….

4 in the air
Spider or kite pony?

Although some days, like Sunday when it was windy and stormy, I get “kite pony”. He likes to take all four hooves off the ground at once. What a dork.

Carrots please?

I talked for a while today with the BM about ways to keep certain pony minds busy while walking so we have no more kite pony.

blog exchange
So excited!

In other news. I put my blogger gift exchange present together tonight. Super fun!!!! Thanks Tracy @ Fly on Over for putting it all together!


Can’t wait to be able to do this again!!!!

Getting closer everyday! 🙂


One thought on “Kite Pony

  1. Thanks so much for the tasty blogger exchange gifts! I need to do a post about it before the goodies are all eaten, lol. I’m officially following your blog now as well, looking forward to reading more about you and your horse!


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