Dear Santa,

kiss copyDear Santa,

For 20 some odd years all I asked you for every year was a pony. No bikes, no socks, not one Polly Pocket… just a pony. I went to sleep every Christmas Eve hoping that there would be one under my tree in the morning. Nada. FINALLY in 2014 you came through!

Enter This guy…..dancer log copy

Dancer…. The Christmas Gift I truly thought would never come

(Yeah it may have happened in June but…whatever)

This year Santa I have a different request….I want this horse back!

gallop copy 2

The sane, sound, galloping, jumping fiend I used to have. And yes Santa I know he’s coming. Mid January is our next ultrasound. Just help him hold it together until then. star butt copy

He needs to be the star of the show again!!!!

By the way….. Thanks for making this guy feel so great at 13!

(He chased a squirrel this morning! Go Rem)Rem tree copy

I would love it if he could just live forever. Please! Please! Please!!!!

I know it’s a lot to ask Santa! But you’ve come through for me before!



In other news…. This was on my porch before I left town from my blogger gift exchange….More on that later.

.on the porch



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