Pony Spa Day…Sort of

eating grass

Today was a mini spa day for the Dancer man…. and I say mini because it’s still FREEZING (and by freezing I mean 50 degrees) here so there wasn’t a real bath involved but I did wash his mane….


And realized I badly need to locate my pull comb….This kid is looking shaggy!!! And yes it took forever for that shoulder to dry because he isn’t clipped. I figured why bother this year since most of the really cold part of the winter we are going to be walking….maaaaaybe trotting…. He can be a wild wildabeast… But that mane. It has gotta go. And all that Ace will sure help with the pulling since its  not one of his favorite things. (In other news I went out of town a few days and my trainer walked him, no Ace needed. Damn I wish I could be at the barn at the quiet times of the day!)

that butt

We also got our tail washed! His butt doesn’t look too bad for having had 9 weeks of just hand walking (yep I counted them today)

green foot

I turned his foot green too. Isn’t it pretty? Koppertox is nasty stuff. I got home and my SO was like “what’s that smell” and I’d washed my hands a bunch of times already. But if it keeps thrush and white line at bay I’ll use it. (His foot looks funny because the shoer found a tiny pocket of  white line that was still in there and dug it way out. It is still growing out)

The last thing I did was stupid….


I took a photo of him. Like my other progress photos…

December 2015
Dec 2015

And then went home and compared it to the last one I took.

Pre Rehab…

Aug 2015

And wanted to cry….All my muscle I worked so hard to build…..

Obviously I ‘ve discovered gifs

Will come back again next year!!!! Yay!!!

3 weeks until I can call the vet!!!


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