So last night I had a lesson on Newman… And I fell off. (I’m fine. I scored myself a blood blister on my face, a fat lip, a very sore body and a new helmet)

In all honesty the lesson was good. We are indoors right now because of the weather and the time change. The course looked like this.

jumps 1-5


Green, around to purple, red, left turn and bending line over the yellow and blue oxers.


And I was riding Newman not my baby horse so what could possibly go wrong.

We warmed up over the green as an cross rail and then added the purple and red. All cross rails at this point. We added the last two as cross rails and the line was difficult but we were getting it done. The jumps went up to vertical and still I was able to ride it ok. No big deal right? Just ride forward and breathe. The jumps went up again and I started to feel that knot in my stomach. The one that says “Holy Shit you are going to die!” (now realize this “height ” was maybe beginner novice height) But I decided to ignore it. And we did it. The first try wasn’t beautiful because of the nerves but the second was good. I only had to repeat the yellow/blue oxer line.

A was happy with it but for some reason I wasn’t. I wanted the whole course to be perfect. So I asked to go again. Whoops. We had a beautiful line and at the last oxer I didn’t bring him back enough and we took a long spot I wasn’t expecting. I just got unseated and went over his shoulder. It was apparently dramatic though. Probably because I hit my head because A sat in the dirt with me for a while asking me questions.

And then I started crying. Not because anything hurt or because my pride was shattered. But because all I could think was. I’m going to be riding Intro FOREVER. If I can’t even get Newman over the bigger jumps how do I expect to ever get Dancer to do it?

Pity Party in the dirt. Stupid.

So I got up, put Newman away (gave him a cookie to apologize for leaving his back, don’t tell A) Called my husband to get me (cause I hit my head) And went to play with puppies…

And I stole Nicole’s photo because I forgot to take my own and the puppies are soooo dang cute!

Puppies make everything better…Especially when you don’t have to take them home with you!

goodI need to do this….and I’m trying….

-most of my lesson was really good, the ending just sucked

-Newman is teaching me a lot

-A offered to let me take Newman to the combined test in Fresno at the end of the month. I was really excited about it. Now I’m sort of on the fence. Should I just go? I really don’t want to just do Intro Forever…(Although my stomach might)

-I didn’t get hurt. I’m sore and my face looks awful but helmets are amazing. And I get to go shopping. Anyone have any really good recommendations? I love my skull cap buuuuut…


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