Lady Power

So let me preface this by saying that my barn has a REALLY NARROW driveway. And the turn into it is off a two lane road. So believe me when I say this story is in no way trashing the driver. I have no idea how she gets that trailer ANYWHERE! I just think its a good story!

Sunday, when the girls came back with the horses  from the clinic… This happened….


Don’t worry! The horses are totally fine! We unloaded them where they were and they were happily munching on their hay while we figured out the  rest of the problem. You see last time this happened (and believe me it doesn’t happen often, happened only once before) it was summer and once the weight was out of the trailer the truck  was able to pull it right out…..Not so in the middle of stormy winter…Sigh….

hooking up

So the girls at the barn got creative. (we were trapped if we didn’t, it was blocking the one way out. Wasn’t sure what I was going to tell my boss…. “Ummmm Hi… I’m trapped at the barn, can you send me an Uber?”) But we busted out the water truck which apparently can pull a semi. Good thing since the truck is ginormous and its a 6 horse! Riley’s mom climbed underneath and hooked up chains to tow. L hopped in the water truck an A in the truck truck….AND


Smoke from the water truck…Initially we thought it was the engine. (which would be weird because R had used it that day. But we then figured out…DUN DUN DUN….we had the parking brake on….


Ah well.. at least we figured it out! So parking brake off….And the truck and trailer were pulled to freedom!!! Woohoo!!!

(cause I really wanted to go home!)

Now I just want to point out that barn girls rock. We did all this, just the group of us ladies…..No boys needed!

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