Top 10%…

On Monday Dancer had his second ultrasound. Can’t say I slept much on Sunday night. I’ve followed his rehab plan to the letter. The only days we have missed have been a day or two that he’s been missing a shoe. Everyday we walked…..and walked…. circles, figure eights. We did jump courses without the jumps and dressage patterns at the walk. Anything I could think of to keep him on the ground and me entertained too… But I worried about the blow ups and the mud and anything else I could possibly come up with to worry about…..

all prepped and ready

But I had NOTHING to worry about. The two of us have been doing a great job walking…

soooo drugged

The hole is MUCH smaller and the bone chip is shrinking too. The vet said she would put him in the top 10% of healing of horses she seen rehabbing. And from what I’ve been told she’s not the most positive of people sometimes so that’s BIG!

Dancer approves of this diagnosis…

So we’ve got another month of walking increasing every two weeks by 5 minutes. So we will be up to 45 min by the time I get back in the saddle. Then we will have a week of under saddle 45 min walks…..THEN we get to add 2-3 min of trot (per day) each week up until 10 min….Then back for another ultrasound….Awesome thing about his trot date…


and we walk….

Soo we walk….but only for so much longer. There is a light at the end of the tunnel…and I can almost see it if I squint real hard!!!!



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