Party On


This blog has nothing to do with horses aside from some of the photos being taken at the barn so whatever…

Today is my heart dog Rembrandt’s 14th birthday!

Yesterday I threw him a party!

A bunch of my friends came and brought their dogs which was really fun. I forgot to take a photo of that which is a bummer. We had tri tip and cupcakes (dog and human varieties)



Played giant beer pong and giant jenga….

decorations 1

And it really was a lot of fun!

decorations 2

We partied late into the night…

party animal 2

He wore that hat alllll night long! I love him!

run rem

This dog is so special to me. It’s not something that I can even put into words. People think throwing a party for your dog is nuts or stupid. But he deserved so much more. He’s gotten me through some things that are pretty terrible AND he’s made all my major life changes with me. Graduating high school. Going to college. Graduating college. Getting a real person job. Moving 7 times in 6 years in 3 cities to escape roommates that were INSANE. Getting married (he was in the wedding). Buying a house (he’s the reason we have a big backyard) And buying my first horse. Even now when I have a really bad rehab day (or bad day at work) this old guy is still the first one to hear about it.  And the first one I snuggle with…


He still looks great at 14 but just the fact that he’s turning that age is hard to swallow….

But he’s going to live forever right? Or at least 1 day longer than me?


But for now, I’m going to forget all of that, enjoy my puppy and party on!!!


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