Magic Potions


I have found the magic powder of the stall bound, hand walking horse….If only it hadn’t taken me so dang long!


I talked to an old barn mate a little while ago and she gave me a few ideas to try. One of them was this…

front label

It’s not FEI legal because the main ingredient is Tryptophan (ummm neither is ACE) but I don’t see many shows in our near future so I went for it… and we went from doing this in circles  around me on the lead rope…


To quietly hand grazing after our 40 minute no excitement walk (while there was plenty of excitement in the barn!) Took about a week to fully take effect.

Hadn’t hand grazed in months because we couldn’t handle it. We can now!!

I still use a little ACE because is doesn’t seem to work perfectly on its own as my barn manager pointed out when she almost got kicked in the excitement of stall changing (he’d been locked in the box part of the stall and got his paddock back, bad manners but I  don’t really blame a stall rest horse for being excited) But I’m slowly backing it down to see how little I can used and if I actually do need any! I’m down to 1 1/4 cc’s on a night when someone was riding in the arena. That’s big, when we were up to 2.25 cc’s on a quiet night. Always happy to use less drugs!

back label

This is the back of the container. As you can see mostly L-Tryptophan. (My co workers are claiming I’m feeding my horse a turkey every day. They think they are comedians)  but there is some other stuff. He is still on the Quiessenese (magnesium) too. Its so much more fun to go walk a chill horse than one that you are waiting for an explosion at every turn!X-Country Schooling.....Sorta

I love this guy so much!

T minus 20 days until I get to sit on his back again

T minus 27 until we TROT!!!


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