Staying Positive


Today I was struggling with this a lot. My lesson got canceled because the horse I was supposed to ride was lame and there was no other horse for me to ride.  I haven’t ridden in 6 weeks for various reasons and I was totally bummed out.

Kinda tired of being on the ground….


I do a lot of watching right now…at least I take good photos right?

But I still went to the barn and walked for our 45 min… And 45 min is a looooooong time…. We worked a little on shoulder in on the ground which Dancer seemed to enjoy. Kept our minds busy anyway. I have to figure out haunches in because that didn’t go as well. Apparently D’s new name is Clifford according to my SO, as in the big red dog. Too bad he isn’t chestnut or it might stick.

work on it

I also have been working on this. I can’t share the whole plan with you today because some of its still in the works…but it involves Dancer healing, me getting my confidence back and us actually having fun! I’ve just come up with new methods to get there (at least the second two) and I can’t wait to get started!

Lessons from a Pony

I have to remind myself of this a lot. 45 min is a long time to walk, especially after a long day at work and sitting in traffic. But he will get better and we will go back to “normal”.

It will happen!

T minus 10 days till I get to ride him again

T minus 17 days till we get to trot



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