14 Steps to Survive Hand Walking…

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.19.30 PM

Step 1. Create a playlist for each time period of hand walking


Step 2. Make a calendar with your schedule and give yourself a star every day you show up and walk….


Step 3. Buy a warm winter coat, a stud chain and gloves


Step 4. Realize that you are bored already and decorating your pony


Step 5. Get tired of “kite pony” and break out the drugs…Feel sad for everyone involved


Step 6. Laugh at doped up pony


Step 7. Buy toys for pony in hopes he will be happier in his stall (he loved this toy)


Step 8. See this come up on FB…. Cry a little inside but keep showing up and walking


Step 9. Buy pony new bling he can’t actually used yet due to FB memory making you sad


Step 10. Find new supplement that makes this possible without having a flying pony


Step 11. Realize you can’t listen to the same music every day for that long for two weeks at a time. Switch to Pandora.


Step 12. Learn to start enjoying yourself and take lots of selfies with your rehabbing pony


Step 13. Watch the sunset at the barn every night.

Its easier to enjoy when you are just walking!


Step 14. Remember that this isn’t forever. One day you will get to do this again!

Lessons from a Pony

T minus 2 days until riding

T minus 9 days until trotting


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