Never Make Plans With Horses


Who told Dancer it was almost time to go back to “work”?

Wednesday I go out to the barn, super happy because I’m almost done with hand walking. And I see this…. Its a bad photo because he didn’t want to put weight on his leg but his leg (bad leg of course) is super swollen, all the way up to the injury. And I basically freak out.


My first thought was he did something stupid and destroyed that ligament again…but the consensus was cellulitis. (I love my BM AND it’s nice to be so close to Davis and have vet students at your barn) It’s a bacterial infection that enters the skin through a small cut and basically explodes the leg. I caught it early thought so that was good!


So he got his legs scrubbed and wrapped….

(I caught it early enough he didn’t need a sweat wrap)


Some extra grain with bute and antibiotics…..


And Newman helped us close him into the box part of his stall

so he’d stay out of the muck!


Thursday and Friday we got 15 and 35 min hand walks…..

I’m told if it looks good today I can ride!


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