Tack Walking….Finally!!


Last weekend I was finally cleared to tack walk!!! His leg was looking better and movement would only help. We’d had beautiful weather all week but of course I woke up that morning and and….

I love my puppy dog weather ap

Pouring rain….and wind. Oh well. We were going to do this anyway. So I enlisted the help of a friend and headed out to get that pony ready!

Looks pretty snazzy in his new polos and pad

He looks good back in full tack and not just a halter! And he was so happy to see the bridle he grabbed the bit out of my hands. The first ride was a little eventful. The wind was blowing the lights in the indoor so we had a few spooks but overall it went well. The next day it was super stormy so I chose not to ride. Monday also stormy so we used my friends horse as a babysitter and that worked well but I was still feeling like we weren’t connecting well enough to be on our own. Both Dancer and I were nervous about the whole thing (totally my fault I’m sure). On Tuesday I had one of the “kids” at the barn ride him just to see if I was making too much out of the problem. I was. So Wednesday I came out (in yet another storm)

Selfie in a HELMET! Yay!!

And we rode all by ourselves. I was pretty pleased with us and am so happy to be back on this guy!best view ever

Best view in the world!


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