Moving On


I have to tell you, this whole rehab thing has really brought to light a few things for me. The major one being just how stinking far I was driving to the barn. Before I had to be there everyday I would miss riding days because I didn’t want to drive there….Now I couldn’t. And I can’t tell you how many thousands of miles I racked up on my car in the last 5 months…. So last month I decided to start looking for places closer to home that could give me what I needed. And I found one. Its really cute and much closer to home. There is also a trainer that is willing to work with Dancer through his rehab which takes a huge weight off my shoulders…..since he has kind of lost his mind!Old Barn

So last Tuesday we said good-bye to this place….

on the road

And hopped in a trailer to the new place….All I could think about as I watched that trailer in front of me was…

good things

His new place is so pretty..

new neighbors

This is him meeting his new friends…..

new home

And he has more space….pano

I took a panorama of it (cause I’m a dork) Road to the left is the road in….his paddock is to the right of that with the blue in front of it….The main arena is far to the right with the cover and there are hills behind everything that we can ride on when he’s all better!


It was hard to leave our old barn….I really did love my barn family (and still do)…

But I think this was a good move for both of us.

And I’m excited for the future!


One thought on “Moving On

  1. Nice! I know I currently drive an hour to 3 depending on traffic to get to the barn. If I had to rehab I’d probably con someone else into doing it 4 days a week for me, so I could keep only going 3 days.


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