All The Right Things….

cute face
Feeling soooo goood on those drugs

Today was Dancer’s third ultrasound. Therefore I didn’t sleep last night….

I always worry that I messed something up…did something wrong that would have ruined his outcome…

Turns out I had nothing to worry about!!! I did all the right things!!!

getting ready
Getting ready to rock that ultrasound


The hole has closed and the bone chip dissolved. The only concerning part was the healing where the bone pulled away from the ligament. But there is only so much we can do about that. We have a few ideas. Other than that he’s good to go!!!

I’m coming to get you!

So he has two weeks of trot (adding 5 min a week so he makes it up to 25 min). Then we CANTER. Canter 5 min a week up to 20….and then…..

log dream

We get to do this again!!!

up bank

And eventually this….

carrot muncher

Lots of carrots for this guy!

Light at end of tunnel starting to get bright!!!!


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