The Very Patient Pinto

On Sunday I took my trainers horse Pluto cross country at Camelot. I’ve been cross country with him before so I’d hoped it would be a good confidence boosting experience since I haven’t jumped since December….Silly broken pony…

SAS_5561 2
Yah……tuck those knees

It started out a little rocky…..I don’t really have photos of the first baby log we jumped but it wasn’t real pretty watching me try to remember the cross country positions. But Pluto is a good patient guy and we got it eventually.

SAS_5562 2

It eventually started looking good…. And I jumped some things I haven’t jumped before!!! Yay for leaving the comfort zone!

SAS_5706 2
Such a good man!

We also worked on down banks… Pluto’s a pro at them and gave me a pretty good ride as long as I remembered to keep my “fruit” under my chin…but some of the girls in my group had less experienced horses and there was some launching off the bank….Everyone was ultimately successful though!


Didn’t do anything like this on Sunday….But I will get back there for sure!

(And with my pony!)


Probably never gonna do anything like this!!!


Can’t wait to take him out again….Fingers crossed we will be jumping again in June! I hope to take him to cross country camp in August!


And just because it’s my favorite photo of the day…Here is Baby O! She’s only 3!

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