The Naughty Horse Returns….

Don’t let the face fool you!

On Thursday I had a lesson. I’d had one on Monday and Wednesday and they had gone really well. We’d worked on collection and relaxation and GOING FORWARD! Which is a big problem of mine. When I get concerned I think slower is better. I need to reverse that thinking and push him forward and things go a lot better….

On Thursday their were two other people in my lesson. We were playing a dressage “game” of sorts. We each rode different parts of the test and the others scored us on our rides. Good for both the rider and the watcher right?

The first two girls went and we scored them. Then it was my turn. Trot down the center line, halt, salute and track left. Easy right. Except my Ding Dong was kicking out the whole way to A because he didn’t want to leave his buddies and you can bet he wasn’t listening on the center line….Hmmmmm

N told me to push him more forward and give him more warning about the halt (which may have helped if he was listening to me at all) and to maybe make a “procrastination circle” to bring his brain back in the game before we went down the center line.

We moved on, adding a 20 meter circle after our turn at “B” (or the second sprinkler). The two girls went and then it was my turn. I felt like I was on a ticking time bomb as we trotted away. We trotted down the centerline “sort of” and our circle was wonky because my time bomb had wiggle butt…..But at least so far he was mostly on the ground.

They didn’t bother to score me. We just talked about how it could go better and how I need to help him relax.

Then we added a circle of canter at A. We’ve been cantering him two circles (one each way) this week. He get to increase next week.

The girls went…..Then it was my turn….

We trotted down to A. I did a procrastination circle and about halfway through….this happened…..

mini and freebie waterside 278

Three or four times down the arena until I got his head up.  Stinken pony….You aren’t supposed to be doing that on your leg! (He didn’t try as hard this time as he did on his “naughty night”. That was buck spin craziness…. This was just a tantrum) So I brought him down to the walk and we walked down to the group and I was told… Go forward…..and we did. We went forward and forward and round and eventually had a very pretty and fancy trot. And the other horses went to the other end so he didn’t have buddies.

We decided that patience isn’t a virtue that Dancer possesses….yet. The tantrum was a combination of not wanting to leave his buddies and not wanting to wait. Both of which I know are there from cross country schooling. He also doesn’t have patience in other areas such as just standing there quietly while you sit on him. So N has been sitting on him while she teaches. He’s also been being naughty in the cross ties (he didn’t have cross ties in the other barn) so he’s getting to hang out in the cross ties a lot.

So the naughty pony returned, but I don’t think he will stay long!

One thought on “The Naughty Horse Returns….

  1. Naughty!! This is what I’m afraid of with my guy coming back from his injury, rehab is the WORST with young energetic horses. Glad you’re cantering already though, and fingers crossed everything goes smoothly from here on out!


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