That’s what I’m here for…

My lesson Wednesday was interesting. It started out with me convincing my barnmate that she should jump (which is apparently a feat to convince her because she’d much rather ride on the flat) Mostly because I told her I would give anything to be able to.

Pat on the back for me!

The riding started out really well. We were getting a lot of fancy trot and soft contact in the bridle. We even trotted over the cavaletits my husband so nicely made. (ok so we trotted one way and tried to jump them the other but it was still fun)




We watched my barnmate jump a bit and then it was time for our canter work. First day for realsies ! At that point one of the other boarders decided to turn her horse out in the back pasture and chase him around. D didn’t do anything but perk his ears but the whole thing made me nervous because of our one bad night. (that I’m not sure I ever wrote about but it involved him bucking both me and another girl off, cracking my helmet and the other girl refusing to get back on)

We picked up the trot and he was obviously picking up on my anxiety. I asked for the canter and he went sideways and kicked out …..

It had already been a bad day. Work had sucked, I was tired and I wasn’t in the mood to fight.

SAS_5793 2.jpg
One day we will do stuff like this!

I came down to the walk and asked again. Same reaction but escalating. N told me to send him forward and not walk but for some reason I wasn’t capable of it that night. She asked me if I wanted her to hop on and I said yes.

She got on and he did the same stupid shit (so it wasn’t just me!!) but she rode him forward and through it. And HOT DAMN when he’s ridden forward and on the bit I have a FANCY pony.

Kinda like this……but us!


She worked him for the full 5 minutes getting his head back together so there wasn’t time for me to get back on (stupid rehab) but he was done being stupid

I took him back to the barn and was totally dejected. Why had I given up? I should have worked through it. We were so far behind… maybe I should just give up riding and sell him?

I rinsed him off and sat down to clean my tack and apparently my face gave me away….

N: You aren’t beating yourself up are you?

Me: Just a little

N: You need to stop being so hard on yourself. It will come. Baby steps!

Me: But I gave up!

N: No you didn’t. You had a bad day. That’s what I’m here for. You don’t have to just muddle through it all by yourself. You two have a lot of baggage and it will all go away. If you are having a day and its just not working, we will figure it out. Riding horses is my job! We will keep going forward, promise.

Moving Forward…. Things both the pony and me are doing from now on!

Yah….that happened! Fav photo from the WSS HT. What a dork!

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