Backsoreness and Naughtiness

mini and freebie waterside 278

So two weeks ago (I know…slacker blogger) there was a lot of this again…..

(especially in that one corner)

Under saddle to both me and N.

Silly pony.

So I traded my “newly minted” vet friend a quick lameness exam for a photo shoot (another blog on that shoot later later)


We flexed everything…

Yes we will work on our jog before we go to Rolex

And trotted….


aren’t my socks amazing?

Nothing flexed (Good!) But he is backsore (Bad!) Which could be from a dozen different things….sooooooooo

We are starting with the simple stuff. I’m getting my saddle reflocked (but he does it in two different saddles so that’s probably not it) and I also started him back on ulcer meds.


I started him on those last Saturday….He was a good pony this week! Well mostly…(But I think the rest is just protest against working hard…and it worked before so we just have to fix the brain now)….

Ding Ding we may have a winner.

Still going to have the normal vet out to do a check him I think

He was really good in my lesson on Wednesday this week. Not quite as good Thursday but it was ok. Putting money is the confidence bank right. Working through stupid shit until its not stupid anymore.

Maybe I’ll just take that corner out of the ring?

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