UlcerGuard, Green Grass and Excitement

So I started Dancer on the Ulcer Guard 2 weeks ago…. It’s been like night and day. Obviously something going on.

He went from crazy kick out pony mini and freebie waterside 278

To calm willing and obedient pony.


Ok so that’s not him….but he’s feeling so fancy and being so amazing that it feels like it could be! I’m so happy that we tried something quickly and didn’t let it get out of hand and become a training problem.

Now just to see what happens when we finish the treatment. I’m going to put him on the preventive U-Guard pellets  as well as treat him anytime we go any where but only time will tell.

Another interesting thing that was mentioned to me was that there are some studies that have been done that say that 10-15 min of green grass everyday is enough to keep their digestive system on track. So since I have access to that too I’m going to start turning him out to graze a little after I ride and see if it i helps.


Tomorrow I’m taking this guy cross country schooling again at Eventful Acres….

And not next week but the week after that….This happens….. (hopefully with better form on my part)Camp 2015

Yep that’s right! It’s jumping time!!!

Happy 6th Birthday

Cause we are kicking rehabs butt!!!!



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