The Curse is broken….


I took the amazing pinto to Eventful Acres to school cross country today…..  I’ll let you in on a little secret….I’ve never taken him there schooling before and not fallen off! (and we’ve been there a bunch!) It was like our curse…..

log pretty

But today we stayed together AND jumped all the things!  (even well at times)


We ran into a little bit of trouble at this bench because I came around the corner and saw it and thought SHIT THAT’S BIG! Mind you that was me being stupid….as you can see….not that big….But I took my leg off and we stopped (but did not separate!!!!) And we circled and went over it the second time (and the 3 more times after it as is required when there is a stop)
weird face

It was a good day! And exactly what I needed. Now if I could just stop making weird faces when I jump that would be awesome!

Everyone else has these nice smiles or at least stoic faces…I have this!


In other news….I almost didn’t go today because this guy gave me a scare last week. He had a blood clot in his spine and wasn’t able to use his back legs. He never “totally lost the use” but enough to warrant a trip to the E-VET. But he’s slowly recovering. He’s walking a little drunk now but I think he’s going to be just fine…..

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