Jumping Beans!


Flatwork has been getting kind of boring….Circles, figure 8’s, shoulder in, haunches in. Fancy trot, fancy canter. All good things for both of us…

BUUUUUT Flying is so my more fun!!! Dancer’s been pulling me toward the jumps in the ring lately. And it’s been everything in me not to just let him hop over one….


But on Thursday we got to get all dressed up in our jump tack.  Our first “official” jump day is next Tuesday but I’ve been told that throwing a few fences in beforehand is ok….. We started with an exercise over poles. You start at a faster gait and you come down to the slower gait as you go over it and end at that slower gait. For example: Trot up to the pole and be walking by the time you are over it.

It was a good exercise for Dancer because he was very  excited about the pole between standards and the proposition of jumping. So excited in fact the we just ended on the exercise (after doing canter to trot) and tabled cross rails to Saturday…

cross rails were probably about this big

On Saturday it wasn’t quite as exciting and we jumped 3…count them 3 cross rails! I’ve not been so excited in a long time. N’s comment was “Wow, he doesn’t just trot them. He jumps them. Haha”



Sending the dressage saddle in to be reflocked tomorrow. We are jumping beans again!

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