Ice Boots are the Devil…


Jumping has been going well. Dancer is jumping soft and quiet and I’m quiet pleased with him. He’s also staying sound (which is obviously the important part). He still has an attitude at times but as I’m learning slowly, I can handle it. We sort of had a breakthrough on Wednesday when he threw a tantrum and I said F*** you pony and kicked him forward and we worked HARD for a while and then quit. It was a good moment for us…..


I bought these Ice Vibe boots around Christmas time intending to use them all through rehab. The vet told me that wasn’t really needed so they’ve stayed in their box thus far. But now that we are jumping I’ve been cautioned that maybe iceing after workouts might be a good idea…. Insert boot…


They look great on this shiny footed, not idiotic horse….


My horse on the other hand thought they were the devil when I tried them on him. He kicked the wall until we had words and then stood defeated like this….apparently they were eating his legs! (Oddly he only kicked on the leg that didn’t have the injury…hmmm)


Then we stood as if our leg was broken…..poor abused pony….call PETA….

Eventually, with the aid of a few cookies, I was able to convince him he was perfectly capable of walking in them.

Silly Pony! (and this was all without the “vibe” on)

In other news…..I jumped him without reins on Thursday…..I wish I had video but it was just me and N. Good confidence building for me!



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