I’m FAT… I get it…

I walked into the barn to get Dancer’s halter today and a group of girls were talking about cross fit. One of them had just started going and they were very excited. I felt one of the girls eyes kind of zone in on me but I brushed it off and went to get my pony.

I tacked him up and walked to the ring. The girl came with me. I knew her and I also knew the girl that just started cross fit so she started talking to me about that.

Awesome I thought and got on and started working.


Dancer and I stopped for a walk break and then it really started.

“You should do cross fit”

“It would make you so much stronger”

“You could reach your goals so much quicker”

“There’s a personal trainer every time, you can even talk to him about nutrition”

I listened (because I’m polite)

But inside I was seething…. I hated this conversation on so many levels

It may have been well meaning but it felt like a judgement of who I was without even an attempt at knowing who I am.

You are fat and weak… Do cross fit. It will fix you.

That was the message I got…

And I so wanted to tell the women about the 7 pounds I’d lost in the last three weeks because I quit eating crap at work and how proud I was of that…

And I wanted to tell her about the 5K I ran just last Saturday and almost PR’d (so close)

If you look close I’m even smiling

And I wanted to tell her about how hard it was to work out while I was rehabbing my horse and working 10 hour days but that I’m back doing beach body workouts and getting stronger slowly….

don’t miss this

And I wanted to tell her that I do the beach body thing because with my crazy work schedule, raising a guide dog, Isaac’s agility, my pony goals, oh and my family…there just isn’t a class time that would fit (I’ve looked)

And I’m not willing to give up any of it. You only live once and you might as well do it all!

So not ready for this one to leave

And I wanted to tell her that I am working as hard as I can to reach all of my goals…with what I have…

But instead I just looked at her, got off and took my fat butt back to the barn and hugged my pony

He’s such a dork

Cause that’s all you can do sometimes. Be happy that your pony doesn’t judge you.

(Unless you forget the carrots)





4 thoughts on “I’m FAT… I get it…

    1. I truly think she thought she was being helpful in trying to get me in the cross fit cult. But it’s just a reminder forms I guess that sometimes we have no idea the path someone is on when we give advice😃


      1. That IS part of the cross fitting… they really are a CULT. And just like any cult, they want to go out of their way to make sure you get the benefit everything about their cult just like they do! And also, no other fitness will do. If you’re not crossfit, you’re unfit.

        (Obviously not all crossfitters are like this, just those with small minds.)


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