On Monday we went in for our final ultrasound.  Dancer had been cleared for work (cantering then jumping) at his last one but I just wanted to make sure that he was doing GREAT before I took him out on uneven terrain cross country….

cute face
so drugged

Vet says he healed “better than she could have ever expected!”



Can’t say I wasn’t doing a happy dance inside….

All those cold late nights of walking around and around….trying to keep kite pony on the ground….

sucked… but worth it


Finally worth it….

Cross country schooling camp this weekend to celebrate!!!!


SOOOO excited to do this again!!!

2 thoughts on “FINAL ULTRASOUND!!!

  1. YES!!!!!! Congrats and have an amazing time schooling! I’m doing one final ultrasound in October I think for peace of mind and I’m hoping for an update like this! Can’t wait to read about your cross country adventures.


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