Tuesday Dancer had some bodywork done (yes I decided to spend ALL of my money on him this month) so I wasn’t riding. My plan was to just run up to the barn, see how he was feeling after his adjustment, throw him some grain and then go home and get some last minute stuff done before I leave Friday…. I got to the barn and saw this….


Nope…not going anywhere…

Not good planning on my part either because I’d drug my poor SO and crazy puppy up with me..


Yah that pooch…he’s kinda a nut

So we waited and watched….


And around 8:30 decided we should just get the horses out of there so we didn’t have to do it under the gun at 3 am…..

So we loaded up 13 well behaved horses and moved them to a safer spot. (everyone was amazingly well behaved)

At the very least we got them out of the smoke. Hopefully it keeps moving the other way…

If you look close you can see one of the gigantic water dropping planes in this photo… I was kicking myself for not having my nice camera…

UPDATE… Ponies came home last night… fire is getting bigger  but seems to be moving away so CHP cleared them to come home.Fingers crossed!


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