Just gonna shoot you this time…

Last weekend my barn went on a three day camping trip to Eventful Acres (Hiskens). It was Dancer’s first trip out into the real world since he got hurt. It was going to be awesome. It was going to be amazing…..Until it wasn’t….

So here’s what went down….

SAS_9907 copy
So he can jump… yah?

Friday I knew he was going to be a nut job. And he proved me right of course having a minor meltdown just walking out to the course. (screaming, bucking, kicking…all in hand) I had our working student hop on him first because she’s a little more sticky than me. He took off bucking as soon as she was barely on.

Sigh….we’ve both missed cross country I guess.

But he settled down and I was getting ready to get on him and then…..

SAS_9910 copy
Guess we aren’t ditchy?

There’s a creek at Eventful Acres that you go down and come up and then pop over a jump. That was going to be the last jump before I got on….

When he landed the girl pulled him up and asked me to check his right front foot. He felt funny and maybe picked up a rock…. I picked it up and it was clean. But when I let the foot go he wouldn’t put weight on it….. Like literally acting like it was broken.

Damn pony…

She hopped off and we messed with his leg….he didn’t like his knee messed with.

Sigh….long walk back to the barn with three legged lame horse.

He got a little better on the way back.  My spinning brain didn’t….

Not the way I planned on spending Friday night… (you can’t see the beer I’m drinking though)

All I could think was “I can’t do rehab again, that was F******* miserable!”

So we had a chat (me and the pony) when we got back to his stall and I told him

“No Rehab…. this time I’m just gonna shoot you… ”

I iced him and wrapped him figuring my weekend was over.

We took him out later and he was walking fine…..and totally sound jogging

Guess my pep talk worked!

He was still sound when we trotted him in hand the next morning so I saddled him up to at least walk and trot around….

Amazing and huge ice cream we had Saturday before the lake….$2 for all that!

He felt a little funny when I hopped on him so I had the same girl hop on him again to trot him around and put my nerves to rest..

Guess who became a nut again?

So I had her work him until he was calmer and would realize (or not!) he was hurting….he wasn’t hurting…

Nope not jumping those (I swear they look bigger in person)

He seemed OK but I decided not to push it and called it a day after he’d calmed down

The unicorn took us on a hayride Saturday night!

Sunday we trotted him and he was still totally sound….and a bit calmer.

I let the girl hop on him in the first group because I wanted him to have some experience over some bigger stuff..


SAS_9958 copy
Into the coffin… Superstar

Then it was my turn finally….

SAS_0021 copy
He looks thrilled to have to go again

We just did some easy stuff….

SAS_0032 copy

And this is the only photo I have of us…trotting a baby log….oh well….

Aside from trying to die on Friday I think it was a good outing. I wish I could have ridden more but I’m happy he got to go somewhere fun and do lots of stuff. I’m happy the girl took him over the bigger stuff that we never would have done… And then I got to do stuff at my comfort level and he was still good….The more experience the better!

Oh and my horse is a baby….


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