Baby Steps…

So I’ve discovered lately that I do a little better trying things that “worry me” first when I’m by myself. Then when I get over that icky stomach feeling I feel like I can refine it with my coach. I don’t know if that’s weird….But hey I’ll get over this “baggage” somehow…

So tonight I decided we would jump….and I dragged my poor husband out with me because I wasn’t sure if anyone would be up at the barn and I didn’t want to be alone….Safety first!!!

He offered to take photos! Yay!

Dancer would have rather taken a nap….or finished his dinner

Dancer was such a good boy….We started over some cross rails…


It was kinda good to be able to see the photo right after and see what I needed to correct…

Since my husband…..has no idea HAHA

SAS_3839We jumped….

SAS_3830And we cantered around and then he asked….are you going to jump anything else/bigger?


So I had him set me a vertical…

I was informed that I need to stop holding my breath or he’s going to start calling me Nemo!

And we jumped it….tiny vertical but still a vertical…My eq needs some help obviously….but by the time we were done jumping it a few times…..that feeling in my tummy had gone away….


Now when my coach throws up a vertical…. My brain..and tummy can deal….and I can just work on making it better

The life of a chicken…

I’ll get better. I already have… And I have Super Pony to take care of me 🙂

Flying puppy cause she’s cute!

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