Insane and Awesome


So I was driving to the barn the other day with my husband. And he says….

“So I was watching Olympic show jumping today” (I know, he was watching show jumping.…without me! Did hell freeze over?) And I was thinking about it. What you do is insane. And awesome. He’s never really said anything about riding like this but of course my first response was….


Those jumps are huge…  I’m really just jumping cross rails right now. Its not big deal….

His response…

“Dude (apparently we have become a surfer since school started) you get on gigantic beasts that could kill you and you leap into the air. I don’t care how high it is. You are either crazy or super brave.”


Now I realize he’s my husband but this came out of no where. And it really made me think.

Cross rail or Olympic jump (or even dressage work or trail riding) we are all bad asses just for getting out there and doing it. (Even if sometimes it scares the crap out of us sometimes)


In the words of Eventing Nation….

Go Riding!


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