On Our Own Again…

So today is our first official day back on our own again!


Since I moved Dancer to the new barn he’s been in full training.

Yah that was my pony….

There were many reasons for this.

  1. He’d become a monster during rehab and I needed help
  2. I also needed a break from said monster and time to regroup and remember why I love this
  3. I had the extra money in overtime to afford it
  4. It was the best decision for both of us

Full training consisted of 2-3 lessons a week and training rides the other weekdays…

We have both learned a TON and gotten WAAAAY AWESOME in the last few months…. I have a different horse than the one I showed up with in April…

But last month I decided that it was time for full training to end.

There were many reasons for this.

  1. My horse was done with rehab and we had returned to our “normal” brain programing
  2. I wanted more riding time on my own
  3. Slow season hit and overtime disappeared. When wineries go into their big crush they forget about labels… No worries they will panic in a few months and it will all be normal again. But I also went back to 8 hour shifts((which somehow feel like cheating when you work 10’s everyday most of the year)) so I have more time for barn time.

    Soon enough this will be my boss when I try to sneak out “early” for barn time…
  4. I was tired of trying to schedule everyday of the week with someone else
  5. I’m not in a hurry to run up the levels so I’d rather have some cash in the bank for A. emergencies or B. fun times and field trips than spend it all making my horse more trained than I’m ready for anyway
  6. (I’d only planned on training until the end of rehab anyways)

Full training was great… And if I had millions of dollars to spend I’d probably stay in it because it does make life easier….But I don’t… So as of today we are on our own (sort of). I’m still taking a lesson every week obviously. We need all the help we can get. But I’m excited for more “alone time” with my pony to continue to rebuild that relationship.

Lessons from a Pony



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