Demo Rider…Haha…Demo Chicken

So I saw this post online a yesterday

Demo riders needed for ICP clinic September 6-7.  Contact me for more info

This is the Instructors Certification program that is put on by the USEA. It sounded interesting so I sent the following e-mail to the coordinator.

We need some instruction….


Have you gotten enough demo riders for your clinic? I’m a (somewhat timid) intro/BN rider with a cute TB. I don’t have ride for my horse (he lives in winters) but I’d love to do it if  someone was willing to grab him and I could of course split gas with them. I’m about 90% sure I can get the time off, my job is pretty flexible right now…. But I’d need to know I was going before I asked. Let me know more details if you still need people.

She told me that she still needed riders, could trailer me and as long as I could jump 2’6″ I would be a great candidate because the more timid riders are harder to teach.

Spotty is watching you….Creeper

GULP!!! I think I jumped 2’6″ last weekend?

Maybe this was a bad idea…..

So I decided to leave it up to my boss….If he let me have the days off I’d go…

Damn guy told me to “Have Fun! See you Thursday! Come back in one piece!”

Enter supportive husband….

“Of course you can do it….you’ve done it before… we will go prove it to you tomorrow….”

Yah, uh huh, I know its possible….

I’m more worried about getting out there and doing this…

Yep….took down the whole fence

That was our only bad fence today though…..

And truthfully it made me more confident because we didn’t die….Hmmmmm


Maybe they will all look more like this….

And we came around and did it again much better….

The consensus is I need to suck it up and try it….It will be good for us….and I won’t die….

As long as the last one is true, we are good!

I am BRAVE and Dancer is the BRAVEST….(or so I was told by a good friend that reminded me about how I jumped 2’6″ last weekend with her and WITHOUT REINS)

Wish me luck Tuesday and Wednesday…..I’m off to demo being a chicken!


UPDATE…. Turns out they don’t need chickens as much as I was led to believe…. More advanced riders were found and I lost my spot….Bummers since I spent all day freaking out about this. They offered to let me audit….Dunno


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