Weird/Crazy Wonderful

On Monday I was putting my Dancer away in his paddock and as we walked through his gate, he turned, kicked out (nailing me in the stomach) and tried to run to his dinner. I held on to the lead rope and he got no where and and proceed to discipline the crap out of him. We also spent the next 20 min walking in and out of the gate.

This is not something Dancer normally tries to pull. Normally he walks in, turns to me and I take off his halter. It  was weird behavior for him but as I walked back towards my car I realized that to a “normal” person, what had just gone on would have been weird also. A giant animal just kicked me in the gut and instead of slinking off to lick my wounds, I picked a fight with him… and won.

Horse people are weird/crazy! It’s a wonder no one understands our passion!

We often worry very little about ourselves and much more about the creatures we are caring for.7ab2c1ec3ac86e149c063ea5aceacc32

We work through injuries… that others would crumble under.



And we attempt to believe we are in control of these gigantic creatures.




In reality… we are just lucky they didn’t kill us…


But we love it. No matter how many times we are kicked. How many kite horses we walk. And how many times we wipe dirt off ourselves… It’s our sport, our passion….and we wouldn’t have it any other way…


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