Pony Treats and Champagne


A friend of mine visited this weekend to run a 5K. She’s a rider so I took her to the barn to meet Dancer. We rode and we even jumped a couple small things. It was super fun to have her around to ride with. I wish she lived closer!


Even better than that though, after we rode, we washed the pony and had to wait a bit while he dried….. BREAK OUT THE REFRESHMENTS! (Just a little champagne to celebrate our fun ride….classy cups right?)


Even Dancer joined in!


He might be regretting his decisions in the am! 🙂

(no ponies were harmed that day….He’s underage anyway!)


I think pony treats were preferred over champagne by all ponies involved


We of course visited the Zonie before we left. He’s pretty cool.

Super fun day! I’ve got to convince her to visit more often….. Guess that means I’ll be running more 5K’s



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