Bring it 2017!

So I’ve been reading everyone’s look back and I decided to do a quick one…


If you remember last year at this time….. Dancer and I were walking. And not having much fun. Stud chains and ACE.  But it was ultimately all worth it


And I’ve discovered this is a good philosophy…..


Because on Thursday I finally got the guts to turn Dancer out in the BIG grass pasture.

I held my breath the whole time but he was so happy!!!!


He even looked like he was floating a few times!!!


And today we jumped. Like it was no big deal. And I can feel us becoming a team.

We are going to a big clinic down in Fresno next weekend with lots of big trainers….

And I actually feel confident that between the two of us, at least one of us will have our shit together at all time!


 2016 was a pretty shitty year in more ways than I can count.

But Dancer has become a bright spot (finally) of the year.

And  I’m starting to truly believe that

Together we are going to kick 2017’s ASS!!!


Crossing our fingers of course…..he is a horse! 🙂

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