Fresno Stormy? Clinic

The first weekend in January I went to a fundraising clinic at Fresno County Horse Park. It was supposed to be a bunch of top trainers giving lessons as a fundraiser for the park.

Insert forecast of horrible storm….. (and a few family emergencies)


Some of the trainers didn’t come so I ended up schooling with mine.  (although we didn’t drive up until Saturday so  we didn’t get a full weekend)

Storm didn’t arrive until we were pulling out on Sunday so it was super fun to school and their footing was awesome!


My horse was a bit of a rodeo horse. He did better the first day when we started in the arena and then moved to cross country… Which was probably good because I’d invited my sister in law and niece (who loves horses) to come watch that day.


On Sunday, when I got on he leaped in the air, bucked and took off for home. FUN. But eventually it was worked out. And we even got this fancy trot in the water…haha


This is one of our few still moments that my friend (who decided to brave the rain to hang with ponies) got on camera. We look pensive. I wonder if we are pondering the future?


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